Authouart « Paris – Novi Sad Galerie du Centre » – 2017

Paris – Novi Sad Galerie Du Centre 
Opening: Thursday, 27th April 2017
Coordinator MSUV: Radovan Jokić 

   The exhibition Paris – Novi Sad Galerie Du Centre represents a beginning of the collaboration among the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina and the famous Parisian gallery Galerie Du Centre, founded in 1973. At the exhibition will be uppermost presented a painting art scene from France, Great Britain, USA and Poland, represented by the owner and director of the gallery, Alain Matarasso, and it is mainly dedicated to Narrative Figuration and Pop Art.

Historically, the movement of Narrative Figuration was founded in Paris, at 1964, during the exhibition “Everyday Mythologies”, organized by Bernard Rancillac and Hervé Télémaque, aspiring to offer an alternative to different abstractions, which then dominated at the international artistic scene. Peter Clausen, Jacques Monory, Eduardo Arroyo, Giles Ailleud, Antonio Recalcati, Valerio Adami, Erró, Henry Cueco, Gérard Fromanger, will be join them, and their works will show up as an European response to Pop Art, which was fledging at that moment. Alain Matarasso was truly interested in that movement, from the end of ‘70s, and especially after the exhibition organized by collectors, Philippe and Charlotte Charnay, at the Academy of Fine Art in Paris.

He explains it like this: “A painter Denis Rivière was my first phase, my step towards Narrative Figuration. Thereafter, I followed the work of the artists who had more or less relation with the movement; over Gérard Guyomard, I came to Jean-Paul Chambas, Herman Braun-Vega, Christian Bouillé, Le Boulch, Bernard Morteyrol, Michel Tyszblat, Tadini, Spadari. Following the Situationism, which preached seizing up the pictures from the commercials and comics, the protagonists of the Narrative Figuration also stood up for a cheerful, sarcastic, witty, responsible and inventive esthetics. One of the preoccupations of this wide movement, which goes out of his historical frames, is retaking critical and political function of painting. The reason of my interest in Pop Art and Narrative Figuration also lies in the fact that I am a son of an immigrant. With these artists I am also defending my caste. I am preaching the art available to everyone – national art for a nation.

 The exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary art in Novi Sad shows important events of the “Center” Gallery and it takes us into the adventure which has lasted more than 40 years, through vivacious and rich French artistic scene.

 From ‘70s and ‘80s of the 20th Century, American art is modeling French and European art, and those are opening to the contemporary art, more than ever before. That is the period when there are more and more new museums, artistic centers, regional funds, galleries, exhibitions, seminars… How to understand or simply interpret creative activities with so many and diverse forms, while our view continuously suffers visual violence by the media, commercials and internet, in the world which is left with digital pictures on every step? And that is where we can see the importance of the gallery owner, because his principal role is to breaks new grounds into the unknown and to bring people round. Alain Matarasso is more a sympathizer of a careful and astute observation, than of an instinctive choice.

 “My specialty is the second view! The exhibitions are lining up, but we forget them because time goes by quickly, we forget important artists, remembering only the artist who was a representative of the new movement. My goal is to single out all artists who are forgotten in passing, because of the art history. I like to rediscover those forgotten artists, and there comes that ‘second view’, to emphasize the artists who should be taken into consideration, but we have missed them. That is my passion; a lot of them need to be rediscovered”.

Founded in 1973, “Galerie du Centre” preaches and represents the artists who are mainly dedicated to Narrative Figuration and Pop Art. Lately, the gallery is aspiring to deeply investigate English history of Pop Art, as well as a new emerging trend: women pioneers of the international Pop Art.

 The artists who will be representing in the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina are: AUTHOUART Daniel b. 1943 (France), ASCAL Bernard b.1943 (France), BOSHIER Derek b. 1937 (Great Britain), COMPIANO b. 1973 (France), GUYOMARD b.1936 (France), HAWORTH Jann b. 1942 (Great Britain), KRIKI b. 1965 (France), OBJECTAL (France), PROWELLER Emanuel (1918, Poland – 1981, Paris), SAUL Peter b. 1934 (USA), TYSZBLAT Michel, 1936 – 2013, Paris, TEYSSIER Fernand 1937 – 1988, Paris, Aurelie de LA CADIERE b. 1968, Paris.